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Our experts have the domain knowledge and are easy to communicate with. Many industries including hospitality, retail, services, fashion, manufacturing, or healthcare; we as a company have the experience and novelty to deliver your next feature rich mobile app, eCommerce site or software solution.

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Mobile Applications


We offer you complete mobile apps development solutions from the bare essential & aesthetically pleasing ones to the most complex data driven apps. We have completed many mobile apps deployment to every major smartphone platform. Our engineers and designers specialize in iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

The three things of fundamental importance – health, safety and environment (HSE) are of paramount importance to the oil and gas drilling community. The best approach to HSE in the oil and gas industry is prevention and timely or instant reporting of an adverse situation.  

Communication, timely notifications and alerts are the key to get help in case of illnesses and injuries reporting in the field. Showing advanced maps and spatial analysis reveal vulnerabilities that can be addressed before an alarms sound.
Communicating hazards and risks can be a challenge when the oil fields are geographically spread out.

These contractors need a method of mobile communication to report injuries and illnesses with all the features of GPS, advanced maps, off line capabilities, uploading situational pictures or simple reporting for that matter. 

A simple mobile solution makes geographically spread out leases and fields talk to each other and report to the concerned parties. This increased efficiency by approximately 650%, saved lot of time and money and most importantly no information is lost in the process. What at times took hours to get into the system is now tracked efficiently in seconds and minutes. Our way to of seeing 100% satisfied clients using state of the art technology without realizing complexity involved.

Web Design & E-Commerce

We offer you complete eCommerce solutions from the bare essential Order Status Applications to complex portals. We strive to help ease your process into building your online presence by providing you a dedicated expert till you see success. 

Our experts have the domain knowledge and are easy to communicate with. Many industries including hospitality, retail, services, fashion, manufacturing, or healthcare; we as an eCommerce website design company have the experience and novelty to deliver your feature rich eCommerce site.

We will help you understand relevant eCommerce site features that are trending today and discuss the value it will provide to your business. Depending on the analysis and needs our solutions are either a fully custom shopping site or utilize either existing Ecommerce website builders like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Volusion, Squarespace and Wix or other.

We accommodate SEO tools like table-less themes, optimized URLs, sitemaps, blogging platform, multi-language and multi-currency support, auto-respond cart abandon feature and more.

We deal with the site’s design and complexity dependent on what you need while you focus on what’s important to your business. A large conversion rate (the amount of people that purchase vs visitors) for you is always our focus.

A custom wheel company challenged itself to sell all the major wheels and tire brands. Loading all the wheels, tires and accessories and managing this data was a huge task. 

Created a custom application in PHP to load all the data and schedule processes for loading data on a day to day basis. The fast and study eCommerce site would be able to pull up and recommend the right wheels, tires and accessories.

Clients business has improved 10 folds due to huge volume of products loaded from multiple vendors world wide.  

Data Science, Analytics and Business Intelligence

Your transactions are stored in forms of data. Data can be turned into a fortune if we can get insights out of it.  Mining for data, uncovering hidden insights and presenting them to the expert would mean success to business.

Our experts have the domain knowledge of multiple industries including hospitality, retail, services, fashion, manufacturing, healthcare and are eager to help grow your business with data science,  business intelligence and machine learning tools and techniques.

A large company of 4000 plus employee and consultants was finding it difficult to manage their cell phone plans. The idea was to manage 2000 plus cellphone plans and data, it was not easy to determine individual needs on data usage. Huge charges were being incurred from multiple service providers on data usage and some plans were not used at all.
A dashboard was developed to highlight the outliers and manage the plans. Some tools and techniques (Power BI and SQL) did the magic and the following benefits were realized.

1.See at any point the cell phone lines that were incurring charges, adjust individual plans accordingly every month.

2.If the usage is not enough on a phone line, reduce/downgrade the plan thus saving costs on a monthly basis Managed these provider bills that were loaded every month and analyzed, saved the company $ 22,000/month on employee cell phone bills


Discrete applications could be a challenge from integration perspective.

We offer complete solutions for small and medium businesses to automate order to cash processes, procure to pay capabilities,  connect employees and improve their efficiencies Our solutions come mobility ready, empowering you to work from anywhere.

Helping businesses with selecting the right ERP solution is our expertise, our domain experts will study your needs and recommend the right solution. It is your need that drives the solution selection as we are not tied to any specific vendor. 

A leading coffee company needed a custom solution for subscription memberships on coffee machines and coffee’s. Managing these complex subscription for a wide variety of machines and coffee’s meant lot of discrete applications working together. Developing a complete application to fix this unique order to cash and procure to pay process would mean spending millions of dollars on design and development.

We were invited to evaluate the business needs. We helped select the right ERP for the framework and built additional custom module after a quick brainstorming and needs analysis. This integrated system could handle online , phone and  EDI orders and payments and returns. The customer representatives loved the easy 360 view of the order and subscription. Training a new representative now took hours instead of days. Savings in hundreds of thousands, Managing in minutes while on call with customer, stress free on call representatives can now work with happy customers. Customers can self service their orders with ease and confidence.


ByteSols delivered the eCommerce application by accommodating a lot of automation features that has increased our business by 6 fold

Admin Manager

We now have a consolidated view of the oil fields HSE activities on injuries and illnesses. Your offerings were a surprise to us. Walked us from a demo to various revisions to the final mobile app in a time span that we cannot comprehend.
Good luck.

HSE Manager